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The Roundhouse

Home for Long-Term Care


Roundhouse Care Group




240 Waterloo St., London, ON


5,000 sq.ft.

This project proposes the design of staff spaces within a new Long-Term Care home located in an adaptive reuse site, known as the Roundhouse, in central London, Ontario. The design for staff spaces will address the health and safety of all users and be an inclusive workplace for people of all backgrounds and abilities. The staff areas will focus on wellness and the environment where they will feel like treasured members of the community while on their shifts, and have a place for tranquility and merriment during moments of respite.

Software: Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Enscape, Adobe Creative Suite

Final Rendering - 3D ISO.png
Final Rendering - Site.png
Roundhouse LTC Home - Final Concept - Floor Plan - Mezzanine - Program.jpg
Roundhouse LTC Home - Final Concept - Floor Plan - Ground Floor -Program.jpg
Final Rendering - Exterior.png
Final Rendering - Lobby 1.png
Final Rendering - Lobby 2.png
Final Rendering - Lobby 3.png
Final Rendering - Pantry.png
Final Rendering - Staff Training.png
Final Rendering - Staff Room 1.png
Final Rendering - Staff Room 2.png
Final Rendering - Rooftop Garden 2.png
Final Rendering - Rooftop Garden 1.png
Final Rendering - Section 1.png
Final Rendering - Section 2.png
Final Rendering - IPAC Booth.png
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