SketchUp Studios

Pop-Up Retail Experience


Trimble SketchUp





Project Size.

1,500 sq.ft.


Adam Mifsud

SketchUp Studios is an immersive and collaborative workspace that inspires makers, architects, dreamers and schemers to learn, build, create and play with SketchUp software in a pop-up environment.

The SketchUp Studios space will draw creatives in with its large interactive screens, Virtual Reality Zone and 3D printers. High-tech displays will demonstrate how SketchUp supports the creative industries. A flexible gathering area with collaboration tables, workspaces and creation booths, all with access to SketchUp software, will have natural wood and soft furnishings for a comfortable space to hang out and create. SketchUp Experts will be on hand to run workshops, provide tips and tricks, and help work out creative solutions. Creatives will then be provided the opportunity to see their designs come to life with on-hand printing, 3D printing and a Virtual Reality Zone. This area, prominently featured in the design, will showcase the interactive and high-tech nature of the SketchUp software while representing the SketchUp brand.

Sketchup 1.png


Sketchup 2.png


Sketchup 3.png

Display Gallery

Sketchup 4.png

Interior Design Display

Sketchup 5.png

Commercial Construction Display

Sketchup 6.png

3D Printing Display

Sketchup 7.png

Creator's Zone

Sketchup 8.png

Creator's Workspaces

Sketchup 9.png

Creator's Collaboration Space

Sketchup 10.png

Virtual Reality Zone Entrance

Sketchup 11.png

Virtual Reality Zone Display Screens

Sketchup 12.png

Virtual Reality Zone

Sketchup 13.png

3D Cube Wall Design

Sketchup Cube Wall.png

Exploded 3D Cube Wall Design Construction

Sketchup FP.jpg

Floor Plan